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Importance of Virus Removal in 2019

As you may have seen, we are offering a FREE Virus Removal with any computer repair service this week. The reason for such a massive deal is because of the increasing issue of personal computer security. Every password that is used, every site that has been visited, is a log of your personal data. Recently, personal data has been exploited by scammers and hackers who do not seek the interest of you.

As a service of Tyler, ETV Software’s Computer Repair – our retail portion of ETV Software – we have the important responsibility of keeping your computer as secure as possible.

Knowing the risks that you are taking when you suspect that your computer has been infected while NOT getting a virus removal from an Accredited business can cost you in the long run. How you may ask? Here are a few reasons why viruses are your worst enemy:

1. Loss of Data/Information

One of the most prominent issues that seem to happen when viruses infect your computer is that they can delete your important documents or files. This actually happens more than you think. And oftentimes, users don’t even realize it. Until they do… Protecting your personal files for work, college, or even family memories can be lost due to a virus on your computer.

2. Leaked Data/Information

It’s the information age. Personal data is being bought and sold. In the event that your data gets leaked, it’s very hard to “un-leak” it. Everything that is written on the internet isn’t written in pencil – it’s written in ink. Every time that you take a video, a picture, or even send a text message, that information gets stored somewhere. And, as you have seen in recent news, that information can get leaked. Viruses are built with malicious intent. Whether it’s to illegally gather your information to sell to agencies or if it’s to simply create chaos in someone’s life, viruses serve no other purpose than to destroy. This is why it’s important to take your computer to your local computer repair shop to ensure that you are protected.

3. Interference with Usability/Efficiency

Nothing is more annoying than a slow computer. Viruses, outside of the huge issues they can cause, are simply anger-inducing. Speed up your workflow to hit that deadline by simply getting a virus removal. We recommend, at least, monthly professional virus removals by a computer repair professional in order to ensure that you’re working as safely and efficiently as possible.

4. Lawsuits

If you own a business with the exchange of information, leaked or lost data can have severe consequences. These consequences have been shown to affect companies like Equifax and Facebook have also been under scrutiny for their leaked data. Lawsuits can totally sink small to mid-sized businesses so it’s important to keep your computers virus free!

Buying a new CPU? You might need a new version of Window

A little over a year ago, Microsoft announced a new policy where users of the latest generations of Intel and AMD CPUs would no longer receive Windows security updates for older versions of Windows. This means trying to build a system using AMD's latest Ryzen processor will prevent you from getting updates if you try and install Windows 7 or 8.1. Microsoft, of course, wants you to update to Windows 10 and would also like to not have to go on supporting old versions of Windows forever, but by implementing this new policy Microsoft is sure to cause a bit of trouble for those who want or need to run an older version of Windows.

There is a workaround, for now at least. Microsoft has committed to supporting systems using Intel's 6th generation "Skylake" CPUs as long as you purchase those computers from certain OEMs. That list can be found here.

Unsure if your computer will continue receiving Windows updates or looking to build a new system and want to see what is and isn't supported? The technicians at Computer Repair in Tyler can help. Give us a call, send us an email, or stop on by our Tyler location at 1331 South Beckham and we'll be happy to help you price a new PC that fits your needs.

Special Offer Windows 10 Downgrade

We have a great offer this week for businesses and home users alike. Microsoft is getting extra pushy when it comes to Windows 10, even to the point that clicking the red close button actually starts the automatic upgrade! Windows 10 does bring some new features, but it can also be confusing when you wake up the next morning and find your computer screen looks completely different. It can also, in some cases, interfere with some software programs you may already have installed.

Fortunately, it is possible to perform a Windows 10 downgrade and roll back to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Right now, Computer Repair in Tyler is offering a special rollback price of just $39.95 to remotely downgrade computers from Windows 10. This means, you can call us from your home or business and we can remotely log in to your computer and help you start the downgrade process.

You don’t have to struggle to use or support a computer that was automatically upgraded to Windows 10 without your permission. Call Computer Repair in Tyler instead.