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Importance of Virus Removal in 2019

As you may have seen, we are offering a FREE Virus Removal with any computer repair service this week. The reason for such a massive deal is because of the increasing issue of personal computer security. Every password that is used, every site that has been visited, is a log of your personal data. Recently, personal data has been exploited by scammers and hackers who do not seek the interest of you.

As a service of Tyler, ETV Software’s Computer Repair – our retail portion of ETV Software – we have the important responsibility of keeping your computer as secure as possible.

Knowing the risks that you are taking when you suspect that your computer has been infected while NOT getting a virus removal from an Accredited business can cost you in the long run. How you may ask? Here are a few reasons why viruses are your worst enemy:

1. Loss of Data/Information

One of the most prominent issues that seem to happen when viruses infect your computer is that they can delete your important documents or files. This actually happens more than you think. And oftentimes, users don’t even realize it. Until they do… Protecting your personal files for work, college, or even family memories can be lost due to a virus on your computer.

2. Leaked Data/Information

It’s the information age. Personal data is being bought and sold. In the event that your data gets leaked, it’s very hard to “un-leak” it. Everything that is written on the internet isn’t written in pencil – it’s written in ink. Every time that you take a video, a picture, or even send a text message, that information gets stored somewhere. And, as you have seen in recent news, that information can get leaked. Viruses are built with malicious intent. Whether it’s to illegally gather your information to sell to agencies or if it’s to simply create chaos in someone’s life, viruses serve no other purpose than to destroy. This is why it’s important to take your computer to your local computer repair shop to ensure that you are protected.

3. Interference with Usability/Efficiency

Nothing is more annoying than a slow computer. Viruses, outside of the huge issues they can cause, are simply anger-inducing. Speed up your workflow to hit that deadline by simply getting a virus removal. We recommend, at least, monthly professional virus removals by a computer repair professional in order to ensure that you’re working as safely and efficiently as possible.

4. Lawsuits

If you own a business with the exchange of information, leaked or lost data can have severe consequences. These consequences have been shown to affect companies like Equifax and Facebook have also been under scrutiny for their leaked data. Lawsuits can totally sink small to mid-sized businesses so it’s important to keep your computers virus free!

Recent Windows 10 Update Causing Crashes and Endless Reboots

We’ve been seeing instances of the latest version of Windows 10 causing issues with computers equipped with certain types of SSD solid state drives. The update that was released around the beginning of the month could cause some computers to become stuck in a restart loop or cause some laptops equipped with one of the affected ssds to burn through its battery far more quickly than usual.

If your desktop or laptop is stuck restarting or is acting funny after doing an update, we can help. For more information, give us a call at 903-858-4383 or bring your computer to 1331 South Beckham and let one of our experienced technicians take a look at it.

Still Waiting For The Windows Creators Update?

Are you still waiting on the latest update to Windows 10? The “Creators Update” comes with a variety of new features including an updated Edge web browser, a special high performance Game Mode and new Beam streaming service for gamers, new privacy options, and better security update scheduling, but some computers that Microsoft has seen compatibility issues with won’t automatically perform the update.

This new update check is intended to protect users with unusual or problematic systems. In the past, we’ve seen Windows 10 update render some people’s computers unusable, but now Microsoft is being more cautious about who gets automatically updated. Of course, if you were looking forward to one of these new features, it can be frustrating if your computer has been blacklisted for one reason or another.

Computer Repair in Tyler can help you resolve the issues that were blocking Windows from updating and get you access to the latest Windows features sooner. If you’re having trouble with your Mac or PC, give us a call at 903-858-4383, email us at, or stop by our location at 1331 South Beckham between the Big Lots and the gas station.

Samsung: Do Not Install Windows 10

Samsung has a simple message for its users; do not install Windows 10. Yes, you read that correctly - Samsung is advising owners of their PCs not to proceed with the installation of Windows 10. After nearly a year since the release of Windows 10, Samsung admits that the drivers for its PCs still do not work with Microsoft's newest operating system. Samsung customers have complained repeatedly that their machines either have not been able to update to Windows 10 or that if the update actually took, that the operating system was not working correctly with their components. Samsung is publicly saying that they do not recommend the installation of Windows 10 to any Samsung laptop or PC, but that they are coordinating with Microsoft regarding this matter. Samsung has released the following statement: "The drivers that we have on our website are not yet compatible to the latest version of Windows. What we usually recommend is to keep the current Windows version and we'll update you once Windows 10 has no more issues on any Samsung laptops and computers or even monitors." Microsoft released their own statement saying that, "Microsoft and Samsung are committed to Windows 10, and are working closely together to provide the best possible Windows 10 upgrade experience." Microsoft is also encouraging Samsung users to visit the company's website to "ensure upgrade is supported by their PC".

So, until further information becomes available, do not install Windows 10 on your Samsung devices. If you own a Samsung PC or laptop that has already been upgraded to Windows 10 and is experiencing issues, we can help you. Due to the recent influx in Windows 10 complaints from many of our customers, Computer Repair in Tyler is currently offering a $39.95 remote downgrade special - that's right, we can remotely log in to your computer at your home or office and safely perform a downgrade back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 for you.

Special Offer Windows 10 Downgrade

We have a great offer this week for businesses and home users alike. Microsoft is getting extra pushy when it comes to Windows 10, even to the point that clicking the red close button actually starts the automatic upgrade! Windows 10 does bring some new features, but it can also be confusing when you wake up the next morning and find your computer screen looks completely different. It can also, in some cases, interfere with some software programs you may already have installed.

Fortunately, it is possible to perform a Windows 10 downgrade and roll back to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Right now, Computer Repair in Tyler is offering a special rollback price of just $39.95 to remotely downgrade computers from Windows 10. This means, you can call us from your home or business and we can remotely log in to your computer and help you start the downgrade process.

You don’t have to struggle to use or support a computer that was automatically upgraded to Windows 10 without your permission. Call Computer Repair in Tyler instead.

Windows 10 Installed Automatically

This week we have received about 10 calls from customers saying that Windows 10 installed automatically on their computer without permission.  The reason for this is because Microsoft has launched one last aggressive push to get as many devices running Windows 10 as they possibly can before the expiration of the free upgrade offer.  What makes this push particularly sneaky is that when users click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner of the upgrade window, this click is now interpreted as the authorization to download Windows 10.  That's right, if you click the "X" button Windows 10 will begin the installation process.  While upgrading to Windows 10 is recommended, this tactic is unfair as many users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not wish to upgrade.  The only way to reject the download is to click the link that says "Click here to change the upgrade schedule or cancel schedule upgrade", then change your upgrade settings so that nothing is automatically installed.

If Windows 10 installed automatically on your device, Computer Repair in Tyler can downgrade your computer and revert back to the previous version of Windows that you were running.  We can also show you how to use Windows 10 if you'd like to keep the upgrade, but aren't quite sure of how to use the new operating system.

Windows 10 For Xbox?

Microsoft has announced that the next big update for Windows 10, which will be the Anniversary update, will bring Windows 10 for Xbox to the table.  That's right, Xbox users will be able to install Windows 10 on their gaming platform within the next coming days.  The update is also said to include a merger of the Xbox Store and the Windows Store.  The new version of the "Shop" application will be able to show users their purchased games and applications all under one library.  This move is part of a wider philosophy on behalf of Microsoft to develop and enhance sharing applications across devices and platforms.  Exactly how it is going to operate still remains unclear, and whether the update will come with a Dashboard restructuring is not yet known.  Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirms that the gaming platform will not be compromised by enterprise-centric and desktop-focused applications.   Spencer clarified this sentiment by saying, "We won't see people using Excel on the Xbox, but Microsoft is making it easier to port experiences from PC over to Xbox where they make sense.  We'll treat gaming on Windows 10 with the same passion as we've put into the Xbox console."  Xbox games can already be streamed to Windows 10 PCs, an ability that was added earlier in the year.  If you'd like to know how to do stream your Xbox games to a Windows 10 PC, visit the official Windows 10 for Xbox page here.  Some games, such as Fable Legends for instance, are already being made and released for both PC and Xbox platforms.  These games feature cross-platform functionality.  For now, stay tuned and fire up your consoles every couple of days as the update is reportedly coming down the pipe within days.  I know I'm excited and can't wait to get Windows 10 on my Xbox One at home!

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer "To End Soon"

Microsoft is letting customers know that the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free is closing. After July 29th, users will have to pay to upgrade. If you are currently running Windows 7 or later on your PC, you may have noticed the offers to upgrade for free over the last few months. Don't let it pass you by - there is no reason to put it off any longer after this announcement. Not to mention, Microsoft is no longer supporting any version of Windows that isn't Windows 10. When technical support is ended on an operating system, that operating system is open to more security vulnerabilities, viruses, and other malicious adware and malware.

Let Computer Repair in Tyler handle the upgrade for you. Sure, you can do it for free in the comfort of your home - but can you guarantee that all of your important files and data will still be there after the upgrade? In case of data loss, our experienced technicians can do a full, comprehensive backup of your files from your hard drive before beginning the upgrade process. After completion of the upgrade, we will make sure your files transferred over properly and will verify that your computer's drivers and applications are compatible with your new operating system.

We serve not only Tyler, but the entire East Texas area. We offer our services at our store-front location and we will come to you at your home or office upon request.

Running Old Versions of Windows?

Do you have a PC that needs updating?  Is your company or office still running old versions of Windows?  If so, you are unnecessarily putting yourself at risk.  Microsoft has killed support for ALL versions of Windows beneath Windows 10.  That means hackers and internet scammers will specifically target and exploit Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  With no more support from Microsoft, these versions have security vulnerabilities including viruses and the up and coming ransomware, which has been crippling computers left and right. These vulnerabilities on the old operating systems will never be patched by Microsoft again.  This article from Computer World highlights the dangers of remaining on an old version of Windows.  It's time to upgrade.

Computer Repair in Tyler is here to help if you are unsure about performing these upgrades on your own.  Sometimes when performing a system upgrade, things go wrong.  Data is lost, files are missing, pictures are nowhere to be found.  Luckily, we fully backup your files before the upgrade, ensuring that your important data remains in tact.  Protect yourself from the dangers of the web - bring your computer to Computer Repair in Tyler!

Microsoft Steps Up Windows 10 Upgrade Program

For a while now, Microsoft has offered to upgrade many users to Windows 10 for free. If you are running an older version of Windows you may have already seen one of the notifications or advertisements for this upgrade. Up until now, the upgrade has been marked as optional, meaning your computer will tell you about the offer but would not do anything without you telling it to. With the coming of February, things have changed a bit.

Microsoft has flipped a virtual switch changing the Windows 10 free upgrade from Optional to Recommended. This means that you computer will download the Windows 10 update and start the install process without you telling it to. It won't do the actual upgrade, you still need to give it permission to move forward, but it will automatically take you to the start of the upgrade process.

The question, then, is do you want to upgrade to Windows 10? The opportunity to upgrade for free ends around the middle of the year and Windows 10 does bring some good new features, but not everyone will want to upgrade just yet. You might want to hang back a little longer if you have older software that might not be compatible or you computer is older. Some people just like the way things are and don't need a change.

If you have questions about upgrading to Windows 10, need help performing the upgrade, or are not sure if your software will work with Windows 10, Computer Repair in Tyler can help. Shoot us an email, give us a call, or stop by our South Beckham location (look for the ETV Software logo) for more information.