What's Your Businesses Computer Crash Plan?

As a business owner in 2018, it's important to realize that computers are at the heart of keeping your company afloat.

It's very common to have your computer be lost or stolen, and business owners should keep this in mind when moving forward with their company. No matter how big your company is, you're in need of a crash plan in case thing don't go as planned, and they certainly will not, it's just a matter of how the problem is handled. We will provide you the list and leave it up to you to handle it yourself or call in a professional like ETV Software. Tip number one is to think about keeping your critical files on a cloud-based hard drive. Having an automatic offsite backup for your files is a smart solution for any business with important data. It's also vital to have a local computer backup solution. This step is easier on a Mac but there are also steps you can take to quickly do this process on a Windows. Another great tip for you crash plan is to have an offsite computer backup solution. This is so that if your external hard drives are stolen, burned or any other catastrophe happens you will not lose your data. If you only have an onsite backup solution all your data is still in one physical area and could possibly be destroyed if something were to happen. Backups are important, but it should also not be overlooked to ensure you have proper virus protection on both your Mac and PC. This is a fundamental step in any computer crash prevention plan. Is your current router up-to-date? How about your firmware? One of the most overlooked steps in a crash plan is making sure this software is kept up to date in these technologies. The updates will add needed security features and increase your overall performance. This step is quick and easy and will end up saving your company a lot of time in the future. Another factor for businesses to keep in mind is the number of computers in use for your company. It is recommended if you have 10 computers or more there should be a Network Attached Storage, NAS solution for local physical backups. However, this should not take the place of offsite backups, cloud storage or virus protection.

Unless you have your own department working on this daily, it can be hard to find the time to do all these steps alone. We want to remind you that at ETV Software, we can help you put the needed actions in place to make sure your companies data is kept safe and secure. Give us a call today! 903.858.4383

A Computer Virus Could Cost You $20,000

In Ontario, a computer virus scammer called the phone of a homeowner in Norfolk County stating that his computer had a virus. The victim, in a flurry of anxiety, gave the scammer access to his computer including all personal files and bank account information. The next day, approximately $20,000 was missing from the victim’s account.
Though the story happens to take place in Ontario, scammers are prevalent throughout North America and, with a recent increase in robocalls, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon. This is why you need professionals who you can trust that have experience in virus removal.
We advise that you:
– Do not click pop-ups. At all. Ever.
– Do not accept unsolicited calls.
– Only open emails from places or people you trust.
– Enable the pop-up blocker feature on your web browser.
– Update all anti-virus software before doing anything on your computer.
Viruses aren’t the end of the world with proper care. With professionals like us at Computer Repair In Tyler, we can scan and erase nearly *any* virus. Call us today at 903-858-4383
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April Deal of the Month

It’s tax season. Your computer isn’t working the way it should. Instead of fixing it, you contemplate spending most of your money on a new computer. Money that could have gone to something you really want, or perhaps even investing in savings for early retirement. The boundaries are endless.

So this month, we are offering 15% off of Data Recovery & Virus Removal with the mention of this advertisement. Malware will slow down any computer and no computer is safe anymore. Macs, PCs, you name it. But there’s no need to worry. Come to Computer Repair In Tyler at ETV Software and we will help!

When Your Tech Devices Get The Sniffles

Computers require treatment for illnesses, just like humans!

It's the holiday season! And for some, that isn't a good thing. The flu and colds are spreading and so are computer viruses. According to Enigma Software Group, on the upwards of 99.2% of computers get infected with malware. Specifically, between Black Friday and Christmas.

This is not a coincidence. Online traffic between Black Friday and Christmas increases during this time each year. And so do viruses both in the real-world and on the internet. Scammers know that many people will fall for their fake advertisements. These scams can generate more complications than one unassuming online shopper may expect. From identity theft to crashing your personal computer, these viruses are serious business.

Luckily, there are preventative measures that can help reduce the likelihood of getting a virus.
  • Don't click on links within your emails.
  • Don't click on advertisements. (Outside of Facebook/Instagram)
  • Call your local computer repair company for more information if you are unsure.
And that includes us. We will be happy to assist you in guiding you to safer shores. Don't worry if your computer is infected. We can help you out.
If your computer is becoming clunkier by the minute, feel free to call us at (903) 531-0377. We're here to help. Hope you had a Happy Holiday and have a Happy New Year!

December Deal of the Month

Computer viruses are a hassle. Plain and simple. Seemingly harmless to some, they can pop-up at a moment's notice and wreak havoc on your computer and your computer's stored information. Oftentimes, these pesky viruses degrade the security of your computer's software performance and can even lock your computer from accessing certain files. Yesterday was National Computer Security Day. A day dedicated to spreading awareness of the up-to-date trickery scammers are using and how to prevent such a problem from happening in the first place.

For our December deal of the month and in light of National Computer Security Day, we’re offering a reduced cost of $89.99 security checkups for all desktop and laptop computers. We’ll give your computer a thorough scan and root out any adware, spyware, viruses, or ransomware that has found its way onto your system. We will also install AVG Malware Bytes (free version) to prevent any further issues with your computer's security.

Just because your computer seems to be acting fine doesn’t mean you are completely secure. Get your Mac or PC checked out today from Computer Repair In Tyler. For more information, call us at 903.858.4383 or email us at info@computerrepairintyler.com

Here is a video of owner Jacky Ouin with ETV Software on CBS 19 talking a little about how important it is to keep your computer secure and some tips and tricks to prevent such a disastrous situation from occurring:

November Deal of the Month

A lot of computer viruses are loud, destructive things. They often throw up pop up advertisements or drastically affect your system's stability and performance, or lock you out of accessing all your files. But there is another set of computer viruses call keyloggers that try to stay sneaky and quiet so they can watch where you go and what you type on the Internet. They try and take special note of whenever you type something that looks like a username and password so they can send off your login details to hackers.

As part of our Novemember deal of the month, we're offering a reduced cost $89 security checkups for all desktop and laptop computers. We'll give your computer a thorough scan and root out any adware, spyware, viruses, or ransomware that has found its way onto your system.

Just because you computer seems to be acting fine doesn't mean you are completely safe. Get your Mac or PC checked out today, before the holiday season truly begins. For more information, call us at 903.858.4383 or email us at info@computerrepairintyler.com

Be Careful With Recent Versions of CCleaner

The popular Windows cleanup utility CCleaner recently got hacked and for a time was actually spreading a virus to anyone who downloaded it from its official site. Hackers managed to slip in a virus into version 5.3 of CCleaner. This version was the one being offered by parent company Piriform from August 15 through September 12th. Given that millions of people use CCleaner, its possible that this hack affected thousands, if not millions of users.

We have seen this kind of thing happening a lot more in recent years. Hackers manage to slip their code into legitimate applications before they are released or they gain access to a popular application's download servers and swap out the normal download for one that is actually a virus that sorta looks like the application a user was expecting to install. These kinds of hacks are especially dangerous since more and more applications these days are able to auto update themselves to the latest version in order to provide new features and, ironically, security fixes. We even saw this with a version of the Apple Mac version of the popular video encoding utility Handbrake a few months back.

If you installed CCLeaner within the past few weeks, your best bet is to either run an up-to-date virus scanner on your system or, if you can, restore from a backup that you made before you installed version 5.3 of CCleaner. If you are still having problems or are not sure you successfully removed the virus you can always bring your desktop or laptop by our offices at 1331 South Beckham in Tyler just south of the hospitals. We can help you with this specific virus or give your computer a general checkup to help you find out why it is acting strangely.

You can also contact us by email at info@computerrepairintyler.com or call us at 903-858-4383.

New Mac Virus Discovered

"Macs don't get viruses" has been a sort of unspoken rule for years, but it hasn't ever really been true. Certainly, there have been less viruses for Macs over the long term, and far fewer that spread as far and wide as some of the more damaging Windows viruses, but yesterday, another example of a Mac Virus surfaced.

This virus, a variant of a previous Mac virus called Fruitfly has managed to evade both anti-virus programs and Apple’s own limited built in virus protections for years. It is able to take screenshots, record keystrokes (and thus passwords!), and even access the webcam on Macs that have one. You can read more about this Virus and how it was discovered here.

Fortunately, now that this virus variant has been discovered it is being added to the databases of popular antivirus applications. That said, if your Mac is acting funny, it’s possible it could be infected by some virus or malware. At Computer Repair in Tyler, we have the latest virus scanning tools and can diagnosis even the oddest or most elusive problems.
If you need help with your Mac or PC, give us a call today at 903-858-4383, email us at info@computerrepairintyler.com, or stop on by at 1331 South Beckham next to the gas station near the hospitals.

June Deal of the Month: 10% Off Virus & Spyware Removal

Last month, the world saw the release and spread of a much higher than normal number of viruses and spyware programs. Most notably, the dangerous ransomware known as "WannaCry" infected and locked users out of hundreds of thousands of computers in only a few days thanks to targeting a Windows flaw originally discovered by the NSA. In the last few days, there have been rumors of similar hacking groups preparing to release new info on software vulnerabilities that could enable the quick spread of new viruses.

At Computer Repair in Tyler, one of the core services we offer is Virus and Spyware removal for Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, and to help combat this uptick in computer viruses, we're making our June Deal of the Month a discount on our Virus and Malware removal services. If your PC or Mac is acting funny or having weird issues, bring it to us and we can help you diagnosis and remove any viruses and spyware programs that filtered down from the Internet.

We can also help you if your computer has caught a piece of Ransomware that locks you out of your files and demands money to have them restored. In past cases, these ransomware programs have been poorly coded and have had flaws and workarounds that we have been able to research and use to help users get their files back without having to pay money to the hackers.

If you think your computer has caught a virus, bring it to us as soon as you can and mention our Deal of the Month to get a 10% discount. And remember, we can handle all your other computer repair needs, such as laptop screen replacements, operating system reinstalls, and hard drive data recovery, as well.

We are located at:
1331 South Beckham in Tyler, Texas, 75701. Look for us between the Big Lots and the gas station just south of the hospitals.
If you have any questions, you can reach us at 903.858.4383 or by emailing us at info@computerrepairintyler.com

Dangerous New Microsoft Word Virus Discovered

A dangerous new Microsoft Word vulnerability was discovered late last week. This flaw triggers when a user opens an infected Microsoft Word document that was emailed to them. The virus is able to direct Word to download a clever virus installing application that is disguised as a Microsoft Word window. This automated program then downloads a variety of other viruses and malware and installs it on the user's computer before cleaning itself up and opening a real Microsoft Word file to make it look like nothing nefarious has happened.

Some anti-virus makers have already updated their programs to detect these infected Word documents, but Microsoft has not yet rolled out a patch. For now, users need to be extra careful about opening Word documents sent to them, especially if they do not have an anti-virus program installed.

If you need help cleaning up your computer after it gets a virus or want help installing an up-to-date anti-virus program, come see us at 1331 South Beckham in Tyler. We're even having a spring cleaning special in April where you can get 10% off our virus cleanup services.