What's Your Businesses Computer Crash Plan?

As a business owner in 2018, it's important to realize that computers are at the heart of keeping your company afloat.

It's very common to have your computer be lost or stolen, and business owners should keep this in mind when moving forward with their company. No matter how big your company is, you're in need of a crash plan in case thing don't go as planned, and they certainly will not, it's just a matter of how the problem is handled. We will provide you the list and leave it up to you to handle it yourself or call in a professional like ETV Software. Tip number one is to think about keeping your critical files on a cloud-based hard drive. Having an automatic offsite backup for your files is a smart solution for any business with important data. It's also vital to have a local computer backup solution. This step is easier on a Mac but there are also steps you can take to quickly do this process on a Windows. Another great tip for you crash plan is to have an offsite computer backup solution. This is so that if your external hard drives are stolen, burned or any other catastrophe happens you will not lose your data. If you only have an onsite backup solution all your data is still in one physical area and could possibly be destroyed if something were to happen. Backups are important, but it should also not be overlooked to ensure you have proper virus protection on both your Mac and PC. This is a fundamental step in any computer crash prevention plan. Is your current router up-to-date? How about your firmware? One of the most overlooked steps in a crash plan is making sure this software is kept up to date in these technologies. The updates will add needed security features and increase your overall performance. This step is quick and easy and will end up saving your company a lot of time in the future. Another factor for businesses to keep in mind is the number of computers in use for your company. It is recommended if you have 10 computers or more there should be a Network Attached Storage, NAS solution for local physical backups. However, this should not take the place of offsite backups, cloud storage or virus protection.

Unless you have your own department working on this daily, it can be hard to find the time to do all these steps alone. We want to remind you that at ETV Software, we can help you put the needed actions in place to make sure your companies data is kept safe and secure. Give us a call today! 903.858.4383

NASA is now 60 years old!

NASA has just reached its 60-year mark!

With the direction the organization is planning on taking; it looks like they are well on their way to having another prolific 60 years ahead of them. NASA plans to incorporate more commercial services into their programs. This is in efforts to create new technologies and markets that have never been offered before. This will enable small companies to provide NASA services such as launch and landing platforms. This new process hopes to free up department workload so that more cutting edge pursuits can be put on the agenda.
We here at Computer Repair in Tyler are AMAZED by everything they’ve said is on the horizon…
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It's Time For Our October Deal Of The Month!


It’s October! Time for our deal of the month!

If you come into our shop wearing your costume you will get 20% all computer repair labor!

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A Computer Virus Could Cost You $20,000

In Ontario, a computer virus scammer called the phone of a homeowner in Norfolk County stating that his computer had a virus. The victim, in a flurry of anxiety, gave the scammer access to his computer including all personal files and bank account information. The next day, approximately $20,000 was missing from the victim’s account.
Though the story happens to take place in Ontario, scammers are prevalent throughout North America and, with a recent increase in robocalls, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop any time soon. This is why you need professionals who you can trust that have experience in virus removal.
We advise that you:
– Do not click pop-ups. At all. Ever.
– Do not accept unsolicited calls.
– Only open emails from places or people you trust.
– Enable the pop-up blocker feature on your web browser.
– Update all anti-virus software before doing anything on your computer.
Viruses aren’t the end of the world with proper care. With professionals like us at Computer Repair In Tyler, we can scan and erase nearly *any* virus. Call us today at 903-858-4383
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Help Computer Repair in Tyler and Express Employment Provide Food To The Needy

For our June Deal of the Month, we are participating in the Express Employment food drive!

If you bring a minimum of 8 canned goods to our offices, we will be offering $20 OFF on all Virus Removal & Malware Scans.

For this month, we want to give our customers the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life while also doing something that needs to be done on a routine basis.

We are seeing record highs of viruses and malware this year, and it’s important for everyone to make sure their data is not being breached.

This offer applies to all non-commercial retail clients. Offer ends June 30th. Call or see our store for details!

FBI's Urgent Warning: Reset Your Routers Now

The Federal Bureau of Investigation had an urgent warning to Americans on May 25, 2018 – reset your routers. The FBI officially stated that, “Foreign cyber actors have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and other networked devices worldwide.”

VPNFilter malware is apparently being used by these hackers which spot the holes within certain routers. VPNFilter is used to collect information on civilians and businesses alike, and have the power to shut down routers at a moment’s notice.

What does all of this mean to you?

You need to unplug your router for at least 30 seconds. It’s important to unplug the router from the wall outlet with a surge protector, not from the device itself, or you could risk a surge causing your device to be destroyed.

As always, if you need help with this, or if you think your computer may be infected with malware – call us at 903.858.4383, or send us a Facebook message, and we can help you out.

Though it’s recommended for everyone to reboot your routers, these are the devices that are documented to be officially compromised:

• E1200
• E2500
• WRVS4400N

• 1016
• 1036
• 1072

• DGN2200
• R6400
• R7000
• R8000
• WNR1000
• WNR2000

• TS251
• TS439 Pro
Other QNAP NAS devices running QTS software

• R600VPN

Recent Windows 10 Update Causing Crashes and Endless Reboots

We’ve been seeing instances of the latest version of Windows 10 causing issues with computers equipped with certain types of SSD solid state drives. The update that was released around the beginning of the month could cause some computers to become stuck in a restart loop or cause some laptops equipped with one of the affected ssds to burn through its battery far more quickly than usual.

If your desktop or laptop is stuck restarting or is acting funny after doing an update, we can help. For more information, give us a call at 903-858-4383 or bring your computer to 1331 South Beckham and let one of our experienced technicians take a look at it.

Computer Repair in Tyler Celebrates 10 Years In Business

This month, at ETV Software and Computer Repair in Tyler, we are celebrating our 10th year of business. For ten years, we’ve been helping the people and businesses of East Texas with everything from computer repair and data recovery to network and server installation to website and print design services.

To celebrate our 10 year mark, we are offering 15% off most of our computer repair services. This includes things like laptop screen repair, data backup, virus removal, and more.

In order to take advantage of this special 10 year anniversary offer, just mention that you saw it here on our website. And be sure and look out for more offers coming this month!

Your computer has a virus, but it might not be your fault

In the past, you would get a computer virus one of two main ways. Either the virus maker would build a virus complex enough to dial up your computer through the internet itself, or they would attach their virus to an email message and let your email spread the virus for them. Now, though, virus makers are increasingly turning to a new method to spread their virus. This method, called a supply chain attack, skips the complexity of having the virus do its own network access and skips the heavily defended email route. Instead, virus writers are gaining access to update servers that belong to popular applications and replacing the legitimate version of an app with a copy that has a virus embedded inside. What tends to happen is that back on your computer your application sees that a new version is ready to download and does so automatically.

The end result? You and millions of others using well known, trusted applications can suddenly wind up with a virus through no fault of your own. So, what can you do about it? Well, the standard defense of running an antivirus program will help some. You might still get infected, but hopefully your antivirus of choice will update its list of known viruses and quickly quarantine the infected program. Another thing you can do is turn off automatic updating on the applications you use. Sure, you might not get the latest and greatest updates on day one, but it might be worth it to avoid potential first day viruses.

Think your computer has already been infected with a virus or what help securing your computer against these new "supply chain" type attacks? Computer Repair in Tyler can help! Not only can we scan your computer for viruses, we can install a good antivirus application on your computer and help you adjust other settings to make your computer more resilient to attacks.

April Deal of the Month

It’s tax season. Your computer isn’t working the way it should. Instead of fixing it, you contemplate spending most of your money on a new computer. Money that could have gone to something you really want, or perhaps even investing in savings for early retirement. The boundaries are endless.

So this month, we are offering 15% off of Data Recovery & Virus Removal with the mention of this advertisement. Malware will slow down any computer and no computer is safe anymore. Macs, PCs, you name it. But there’s no need to worry. Come to Computer Repair In Tyler at ETV Software and we will help!