Virus Removal

At Computer Repair in Tyler, we offer virus removal for all of your computer needs. Viruses in any computer system, like laptops or desktops, can cause serious damage including:

  • Missing folders and files
  • Encrypting your files so that you can no longer read or use them
  • Causing your system to slow down
  • Hijacking your PC and your internet connection to further spread the virus
  • Disabling your internet connection
  • Constantly redirecting you to unwanted websites
  • Installing unwanted programs
  • Corrupting files and folders
  • Causing blue screens
  • Flooding your internet browser with pop ups
  • Installing programs that track your typing to steal personal and confidential information
  • Constantly freezing your system
  • Infecting all the files on your network at your home or office

It is very important to have anti-virus software on your computer that updates regularly and scans your system on a regular schedule for any potential threats. ETV Software’s Computer Repair in Tyler can remove any viruses already on your system and can recommend a virus scanner to help prevent future viruses.

If you think your computer has already been infected, bring it to our South Beckham location and we can diagnose it.