We’ve been seeing instances of the latest version of Windows 10 causing issues with computers equipped with certain types of SSD solid state drives. The update that was released around the beginning of the month could cause some computers to become stuck in a restart loop or cause some laptops equipped with one of the affected ssds to burn through its battery far more quickly than usual.

If your desktop or laptop is stuck restarting or is acting funny after doing an update, we can help. For more information, give us a call at 903-858-4383 or bring your computer to 1331 South Beckham and let one of our experienced technicians take a look at it.

This month, at ETV Software and Computer Repair in Tyler, we are celebrating our 10th year of business. For ten years, we’ve been helping the people and businesses of East Texas with everything from computer repair and data recovery to network and server installation to website and print design services.

To celebrate our 10 year mark, we are offering 15% off most of our computer repair services. This includes things like laptop screen repair, data backup, virus removal, and more.

In order to take advantage of this special 10 year anniversary offer, just mention that you saw it here on our website. And be sure and look out for more offers coming this month!

In the past, you would get a computer virus one of two main ways. Either the virus maker would build a virus complex enough to dial up your computer through the internet itself, or they would attach their virus to an email message and let your email spread the virus for them. Now, though, virus makers are increasingly turning to a new method to spread their virus. This method, called a supply chain attack, skips the complexity of having the virus do its own network access and skips the heavily defended email route. Instead, virus writers are gaining access to update servers that belong to popular applications and replacing the legitimate version of an app with a copy that has a virus embedded inside. What tends to happen is that back on your computer your application sees that a new version is ready to download and does so automatically.

The end result? You and millions of others using well known, trusted applications can suddenly wind up with a virus through no fault of your own. So, what can you do about it? Well, the standard defense of running an antivirus program will help some. You might still get infected, but hopefully your antivirus of choice will update its list of known viruses and quickly quarantine the infected program. Another thing you can do is turn off automatic updating on the applications you use. Sure, you might not get the latest and greatest updates on day one, but it might be worth it to avoid potential first day viruses.

Think your computer has already been infected with a virus or what help securing your computer against these new “supply chain” type attacks? Computer Repair in Tyler can help! Not only can we scan your computer for viruses, we can install a good antivirus application on your computer and help you adjust other settings to make your computer more resilient to attacks.

April Deal of the Month

Sunday, 01 April 2018 by

It’s tax season. Your computer isn’t working the way it should. Instead of fixing it, you contemplate spending most of your money on a new computer. Money that could have gone to something you really want, or perhaps even investing in savings for early retirement. The boundaries are endless.

So this month, we are offering 15% off of Data Recovery & Virus Removal with the mention of this advertisement. Malware will slow down any computer and no computer is safe anymore. Macs, PCs, you name it. But there’s no need to worry. Come to Computer Repair In Tyler at ETV Software and we will help!

March Madness? Well, just about anyone would be mad if the screen on the laptop gets broken. This month, bring your broken screen to us and we’ll give you a 10% discount on swapping it out for a new, working screen.

While you are at our 1331 South Beckham location, be sure and ask about our Virus Removal and Data Backup services. We can help you make sure your computer runs right and create a backup of your files while your new screen makes its way to us.

Have questions? Call us at 903.858.4383 or email us at info@computerrepairintyler.com.

February Deal of the Month

Thursday, 01 February 2018 by

In support of the American Heart Association for National Heart Month, we will give you 10% off all Hard Drive services with a donation of $10 or more. To be eligible, you will need to provide the donation at the front desk when you bring your computer in for Hard Drive related issues.

A donation box will be available in our front offices where you will need to donate. And don’t worry, 100% of the proceeds will go to the AHA at the end of the month. Just like a heart to your body, a hard drive is the core to your computer. Both need to be properly maintained to provide support the whole.

Keep it healthy.

Tired of looking at that crack on your screen? Bring it in to Computer Repair in Tyler and we will give you a complementary $30 off on our removal of virus and malware services.

These damage to your screen are susceptible to even further complications for your computer as time passes. Don’t wait any longer. Drop your computer off at Computer Repair in Tyler/ETV Software today and save BIG on our virus and malware removal services.

Today, there are more and more worries to be had with viruses and malware infecting your computer without you ever knowing it’s there. Malware can spy on your files and access secret passwords that could compromise your identity. We can remove these pesky complications with our premier virus and malware removal system. Call us today for a free quote on your laptop screen and ask about our Deal of the Month at Computer Repair in Tyler.


When Your Tech Devices Get The Sniffles

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 by

Computers require treatment for illnesses, just like humans!

It’s the holiday season! And for some, that isn’t a good thing. The flu and colds are spreading and so are computer viruses. According to Enigma Software Group, on the upwards of 99.2% of computers get infected with malware. Specifically, between Black Friday and Christmas.

This is not a coincidence. Online traffic between Black Friday and Christmas increases during this time each year. And so do viruses both in the real-world and on the internet. Scammers know that many people will fall for their fake advertisements. These scams can generate more complications than one unassuming online shopper may expect. From identity theft to crashing your personal computer, these viruses are serious business.

Luckily, there are preventative measures that can help reduce the likelihood of getting a virus.
  • Don’t click on links within your emails.
  • Don’t click on advertisements. (Outside of Facebook/Instagram)
  • Call your local computer repair company for more information if you are unsure.
And that includes us. We will be happy to assist you in guiding you to safer shores. Don’t worry if your computer is infected. We can help you out.
If your computer is becoming clunkier by the minute, feel free to call us at (903) 531-0377. We’re here to help. Hope you had a Happy Holiday and have a Happy New Year!

You wouldn’t know it from HP’s support page, but a large number of their recent laptops with a rudimentary keylogger embedded within the drivers for their touchpads. Fortunately, this isn’t a situation where some virus wormed its way into HP’s laptop assembly line. Instead, it looks like a security researcher stumbled upon a long disabled chunk of code that Synaptics, a company that makes laptop touchpads for several vendors, originally used to make sure their new touchpad design was working correctly.

Testing code like this is extremely common on new hardware being tested in the lab. The problem here is that neither HP nor Synaptics thought to remove that testing code from the products they shipped to their end customers. Even though the test code shipped in a dormant state, all it would have taken is one small change to re-enable it. Having code that could be used to spy on users baked into the trusted files that ship with HP laptops could have been a major weak point for hackers to exploit.

HP says that there were no known instances of this code being exploited, but there’s really no way for them to be entirely sure. The company has since posted replacement drivers on their support site. Individuals and businesses should go about updating to these newer, fixed drivers as soon as possible.

December Deal of the Month

Friday, 01 December 2017 by

Computer viruses are a hassle. Plain and simple. Seemingly harmless to some, they can pop-up at a moment’s notice and wreak havoc on your computer and your computer’s stored information. Oftentimes, these pesky viruses degrade the security of your computer’s software performance and can even lock your computer from accessing certain files. Yesterday was National Computer Security Day. A day dedicated to spreading awareness of the up-to-date trickery scammers are using and how to prevent such a problem from happening in the first place.

For our December deal of the month and in light of National Computer Security Day, we’re offering a reduced cost of $89.99 security checkups for all desktop and laptop computers. We’ll give your computer a thorough scan and root out any adware, spyware, viruses, or ransomware that has found its way onto your system. We will also install AVG Malware Bytes (free version) to prevent any further issues with your computer’s security.

Just because your computer seems to be acting fine doesn’t mean you are completely secure. Get your Mac or PC checked out today from Computer Repair In Tyler. For more information, call us at 903.858.4383 or email us at info@computerrepairintyler.com

Here is a video of owner Jacky Ouin with ETV Software on CBS 19 talking a little about how important it is to keep your computer secure and some tips and tricks to prevent such a disastrous situation from occurring: